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America's #1 Bluing Company!

You've just found a true American craftsman~ Guaranteed Satisfaction - Period

We provide meticulous hot dip bluing services, polishing, bead blasting, wood refinishing, complete restoration and FFL transfers. We also offer Pepper Spray.

If you want a quality job done in a very personal manner where we are in touch with you each and every step of the way, please, read on and give us a "shot". We will exceed your expectations~Guaranteed~

Be sure to view our Before & After Pictures for those pictures that are worth a thousand words!

~Service Pricing

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Mark & Jennifer Smith
Fax 607-656-4356
1410 County Road 9
Greene, NY 13778-3301

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Why Should I Have My Gun Blued?

Hot bluing will restore your gun to its original finish or, if you wish, to a matte or high polish finish. If correctly maintained, your gun need never be reblued again!See the care sheet we include with your shipment!Bluing will keep your gun from corroding and will add value to it in the long run.

We "Aim" to Please!

We offer very personal services. No one is ever just a number to us.We will call you the same day your gun arrives so that you will know it arrived safely.We have over 30 years experience in the metal refinishing industry.We have done thousands of guns and have yet to have a disappointed customer.The majority become repeat customers. In fact, most have offered to give referrals for us after having seen what was to become a fire poker turned into a jewel!.If you have any qualms about our quality, please feel free to send us a small part for bluing so that you may see the results for yourself!