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When Your NICS Background Check is Delayed or Denied

Recently there has been debate about what retailers should do in the case of an FBI NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) check delay.  When a gun is transferred or sold, the person receiving the gun is obligated to have it sent to an FFL, or Federal Firearms Licensee.  The FFL then has a transfer form filled out by the person receiving the gun and calls NICS with that information.  

Don't Want People to Know You Own A Handgun?

Under the new New York "un"SAFE Act, your handgun ownership has now been made public! If you don't want this information to be known to the general public, you need to Opt Out! The deadline was May 15th but it's not too late! You can still Opt Out and have your records sealed. Print out this form, fill it out and take or mail it to your county court house. The form can be found here:

New York Gun Owner Loses License Over Comments in School

As Reported on and now TheBlaze by Glenn Beck: March 1st was just another day when I put my 10 year old, fourth grade son John on the bus and sent him off to school. Or so I thought. On the contrary, today was the day that my life as a gun owner was about to change, dramatically and rapidly. Sometime during the day, my son allegedly spoke with a few of his classmates. The boys (excluding my son) were involved in a school yard pushing incident the day before.